Review: Another Day Dawns – A Different Life EP


Another Day Dawns

A Different Life EP – Self Released

Refreshing, varied and confident. This little cracker of an EP from US four piece Another Day Dawns is a pretty spectacular soundtrack to any day. In fairness, it’s so damn catchy it goes around your head on loop anyway. So, here we have a young, modern rrrrraaaacckkkkk record, rooted in hard/alternative rock, packed with future classics. ‘Psycho’ will slot nicely into radio playlists (mainstream, if given half a chance). ‘Rage’ is severed by a cathartic shout-a-long-a-chorus. ‘Empty’ is built on catchy, carefree guitars, nudging along lyrics that are anything but, and closing with a minute of high octave keys twinkling away like stars. ‘All Of Me’ is a gorgeous little tune that slows down proceedings and makes your heart heavy. You can hear the longing in Dakota Sean’s unique voice. Last track ‘Broken’ comes along and shatters the serenity, ending the EP on a massive high and leaving only one appropriate course of action. Listen again. And again. And again…..

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Review by Jo Wright