Review: Heartsick – Sleep Cycles



Sleep Cycles – Self Released

OK, own up, who upset Heartsick? And what did you actually do??? Metal/hardcore/good music lovers assemble, because here we have a colossal 13 track album of hard-hitters, highs and headbangers. But wow, some of these tracks are deliciously angry. And if that’s your fault, seriously, start running. ‘Sleep Cycles’ is a questionable album name, considering that the insatiable sneering horror show vocals and tough subject matter mean you may never sleep soundly again. ‘Hate Anthem’ is thrust forward with bitter fury. Fast doesn’t even cover it. There’s barely time to breathe. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an album with a better opener than ‘Affair’, and that’s saying something because there’s some great music out there at the minute. ‘Loveletter’ is a sweet, slower song. ‘Her Heart’ has a light, synth-tastic chorus pitted against massively heavy verses – vocally and musically. There are changes of pace and style, but the quality from this US four piece is constant. Agh, word count running out. Two words left to sum up. Blown away…

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Review by Jo Wright