Review: Lullwater – Voodoo



Voodoo – Self released

Currently touring with Sevendust/Tremonti/Cane Hill/Kirra gives Lullwater a fair bit of credibility before a note of ‘Voodoo’ has been played. Their record opens up its arms and embraces you in a massive grunge-rooted hug. Sqeeeeze. And bring in the Pearl Jam-esque love. Feel better. Feel inspired to go forth and follow Lullwater. John Strickland’s voice pushes this album right up to the next level. Gravelly, resonant, with a flicker of vulnerability. ‘Voodoo’ gives us huge guitars (‘Dark Divided’) classic rock style (‘Similar Skin’) and world-wise words of encouragement (‘Fight Of Your Life’). ‘Empty Chamber’ swells with a big chorus passionately shouted and a crescendo of full on drumming. Speaking of drumming, Joseph Wilson kicks off ‘This Life’ in spectacular style, and doesn’t quit until he’s smashed the life from his kit. Each track has a mind of its own. Fire one up and all bets are off as to where it will go. Run with the pace? Ease off the gas? Thundering drum solo? Lightning guitar breaks? This is an album with life and soul.

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Review by Jo Wright