Review: Stahlmann – Kinder Der Sehnsucht



Kinder Der Sehnsucht – AFM Records

Penetrating vocals. An unbreakable wall of sound underpinned by gothic keys and synths. Snapping at the heels of kings of the scene Rammstein, Stahlmann are polished, professional and present us with a damn fine album. ‘Kinder Der Sehnsucht’ kicks off with Industrial/NDH heavyweights ‘Vom Himmel Verloren’ and ‘Wahrheit Oder Pflicht’. ‘Schlie? Deine Augen’ is anchored by mind-bending electronica. Heavenly ‘Wenn Du Gehst’ (featuring Blue May Rose) is just jaw-droppingly beautiful. Track through track, the band march on relentlessly. Hammering home punishing rhythms that rip through this record like a heartbeat. Pounding out cutting, crafted chords. Mart Soer’s deep, crisp vox in his native German powers each track. With fire and ice flowing through its veins and molten metal in its heart, ‘Kinder Der Sehnsucht’ is a force to be reckoned with.

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Review by Jo Wright