Review: Align The Tide – Dead Religion


Align The Tide

Dead Religion – Self Released

Big day ahead? Massive great big to do list? Behold ‘Dead Religion’. An uncompromising onslaught of invincible active metal. Play at full volume and power through all tasks great and small, with focus and fury, courtesy of Malta’s finest. Either this or feel flat out riffs (‘Dark Passenger’), glass shattering screamer (‘Comedown’) and lividly angry ‘Retribution’ and ‘Welcome To Hell’, force you to set fire to aforementioned list in a fit of thrash/groove frenzy, declaring Align The Tide to be the only thing that matters in modern metal anymore. ‘Lucid Life’ is a stand out for its killer lead guitar. ‘The Golden Throne’ ends this mighty, powerful, sentiment driven album with a euphoric tune and a smattering of hope. Each track on ‘Dead Religion’ is a serious piece of work. The band cut no corners and give their all to each one. ‘Align The Tide’ wreck the peace; shred their voices; pummel their instruments. And they smash it.

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Review by Jo Wright