Review: Millencolin – SOS



SOS – Epitaph

There’s an upbeat feel to Millencolin’s music that will draw obvious comparisons to Epitaph stablemates Bad Religion. There are obvious and vital differences though.  While the tempo is similar the Swedes delivery is heavier, and the vocals have some noticeable reverb making them less crisp but giving them a tad more depth.  The songs are all written with a kind a familiarity that makes SOS easy to listen to but not easy listening. This isn’t really an innovative record although it does have its moments, this is music for people who know what they want and want plenty of it. It’s lyrically that this release scores highly. By avoiding the pitfalls of shouty rage and concentrating on something more cerebral each tune is given added punch. Essentially Millencolin have produced something that will satisfy their fans and should help them gain quite a few more. SOS uses music to deliver words that people really ought to hear.  Let’s hope it sells a bundle.

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Review by Gary Trueman