Review: LVCI – Sinner EP



Sinner EP – Self Released

Using dreamy synth pop as a starting point but then adding a little garnish of alternative courtesy of the lyrics and vibe makes LVCI’s debut release something of a double edged sword.  The cross over potential  is a huge plus point but the caveat to that is will it do enough for people who have both feet planted firmly in one or the other camp?  The answer has to be a resounding yes because the blend is so well done.  The vocals are sweet and deliver the lyrics with real strength, while the music never gets overblown.  This will appeal to people in the alternative scene who like a bit of pop or even trance.  It’ll also find favour with pop fans that like something with a twist.  The only thing that really needs to be done if LVCI goes on to release a full album is to find a way to broaden the diversity a bit.  This though is an excellent debut.

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Review by Gary Trueman