Review: Hey Zeus – X


Hey Zeus

X – Argonauta Records

Adopt the brace position, because Hey Zeus (geddit?) are unleashing eight blistering original tracks of gloriously heavy hard rock. And a Deep Purple cover (Bloodsucker) to seal the deal. ‘X’ is a punk/metal/rock ‘n’ roll riot. Come revel in the chaos. This all killer no filler first full-length album from Boston-based Hey Zeus gives us classic hard rock (‘Gilded’), a little distortion and a lot of attitude (‘I Don’t Want It’) and loud, rattling bass (‘These Eyes’, although it’s a welcome feature in every track, to be fair). Confident, clean vocals are also standard across ‘X’, snarling through stomping, fist-raising ‘Save Your’. It’s an intriguing, unique record spilling over with swagger, well-earned arrogance and tempo changes that power down then reboot with slamming riffs that knock you backwards, but relentlessly roll on. It hits the spot…

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Review by Jo Wright