Review: Petty Phase – Pretty Phase EP


Petty Phase

Petty Phase – Headcheck Records

Carrying a torch lit by acts such as The Slits are Petty Phase who if this release is anything to go by sound like they have a very bright future. This four track EP doesn’t pretend to try to do anything fancy, its simple garage sound suits the raw music perfectly.  That’s no to say it’s not a polished performance though.  Lyrically astute and with well worked song writing this first outing on record could draw comparisons to early Maid Of Ace. Live the band have an engaging quality which has transferred well to record.  Being able to shut your eyes and imagine you’re there is an important part of listening to a song that’s gone through a studio production. So often everything sounds too sterile.  Not Petty Phase.  They sound like they’re in your living room, or hiding in the dashboard of your car.  This is real music for real music lovers.  Can we have a full album next please?

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Review by Gary Trueman