Review: Face Up! – The World Is Ours


Face Up!

The World Is Ours – Headcheck Records

Back in the day punk rock was something fast and furious that made parents recoil in horror with their hands over their ears.  Nowadays it’ll more likely be the parents playing punk, or at least a pedestrian version of it.  It’s a genre that has become a Korma, lacking the pep it used to have. Face Up! are the drill sergeants of the new generation. They’ve cut out all the flab accumulated over the decades and given snot rock a thorough work out.  The result isn’t so much a Madras more a full bodied Phall, with extra chillies, and a flamethrower. Each of the tracks on offer here have the  impact of nailbombs.  By the end of the album your ears are in shreds and then you just have to hit repeat. When Face Up! say The World Is Ours you can’t really imagine anyone stopping them from taking it.

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Review by Gary Trueman