Review: The Virginmarys – Northern Sun Sessions


The Virginmarys

Northern Sun Sessions – Masochismo Records 

When was the last time you heard a proper, stomping, indie rock n’ roll anthem? Best brace yourself, because the transfixing Virginmarys are tearing headlong at you with the unstoppable, frantic, ‘Northern Sun Sessions’. Eleven tracks telling of frisson inducing highs and wretched, aching lows. Rhythms pound, guitars crash-land and vulnerable yet gritty, imploring vocals lacerate straight into your core. ‘Look Out For My Brother’ is an outstanding album opener that warrants being played on repeat well into the foreseeable future. ‘SOS4UNI’ is spectacular. Ally Dickaty’s Macclesfield twang gives the record depth, feeling and intimacy, most notably in ‘Northern Sun’ and ‘Eye For An Eye’. The Virginmarys’ music is an outlet as essential as breathing. ‘Northern Sun Sessions’ is expression. It’s comment. It is life. Whatever your taste in music, the sentiment will resonate. It’s a beautifully written, flawlessly executed, faultless album. All hail The Virginmarys.

Review by Jo Wright