Review: Tayne – Breathe



Breathe – Strange Brew Records

Noise is good. Silence means the usually boisterous Labrador is gnawing on your best purple going out shoes. Tayne’s experimental noise is better. Atmospheric. Soaring. Euphoric. Stunning. It’s brave too. No one else is making music like this at the minute. London-based one-man operation Tayne (Matthew Sutton) knows his way around keys and synths. And guitars. And whatever else he’s got to bang/press/sing into. ‘Breathe’ is a varied album. A gorgeous melody meanders through ‘Sacrifice’. ‘Open Up’ willingly falls victim to explosive drum smashing. A big bass line bounds its way through the veins of ‘Alive’. ‘Heartbeat’ takes on a life of its own; the drums do indeed sound like the track’s title, and the hook like a racing pulse. Taken as a whole the album cocoons you in its soothing vocals and reassuringly repetative, trance-like beats. It’s an all-consuming listen to be marvelled at. To take you out of yourself and into your happy place. ‘Breathe’ makes you feel alive.

Review by Jo Wright