Review: Weekend Recovery – In The Mourning EP


Weekend Recovery

In The Mourning EP – Self Released


Happily, the radio has just played Jimmy Eat World followed by Fountains of Wayne. Concerns that we may have travelled almost two decades back in time aside, Weekend Recovery’s kick ass garage/punk/grunge could easily be next up on the playlist. In terms of talent, musicianship and being something pretty special, this spikey four-piece could stand beside these alt-rock chart botherers. Gloriously glass shattering vocals cry out the chorus of title track ‘In The Mourning’. Same with ‘On My Knees’. Massive, catchy choruses, ridiculously well sung, over crashing cymbals and crunching guitars. Lori’s intense vox implores you to listen. It gives the songs a powerful sense of urgency and makes this record mesmerising. ‘I’m Not That Girl’ is completely moving. The idea of falling short of others’ expectations, cast into a devastatingly beautiful crescendo. It made me cry real actual tears. Criticism? Over too soon. We demand, nay, deserve a new LP. Ain’t it true – weekends are just too short.

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Review by Jo Wright