Review: I’ll Be Damned – Road To Disorder


I’ll Be Damned

Road To Disorder – Self Released


With a sound that slams out of the speakers and swaggers around the room, ‘Road To Disorder’ is a confident, versatile and impressive commitment to the cause. It’s an all-out powerful fusion of rock, metal and blues, blended with throat shredding vocals, a hefty dose of attitude and a smattering of humour. What’s not to like? ‘The Entire Universe’ propels you onto another planet entirely, while ‘Pigburner’ sounds like a plunge straight into Hell. The Danish boys lighten up proceedings in bluesy ‘Luck Could Change’, and shift tempo to rock ‘n’ roll for ‘You Are The Young’. There’s an undercurrent of rebellion and rage running through ‘Road To Disorder’. It bubbles to the surface in ‘Flag Follows The Money’ and ‘Keep Warm Burn The Rich’, before being full on unleashed in the epic ‘Just Ain’t Right’. All signs point to the ‘Road To Disorder’. And it’s one hell of a journey.

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Review by Jo Wright