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Weekend Recovery

False Company – Self Released

Things are a bit depressing right now. Gigs are on hold, hell, life itself is pretty much on hold. While our personal clouds might be grey in colour we can still dream of a brighter future. We can close our eyes and dream sunny thoughts. False Company is all about those that seek to gain from you by pretending to be your friends. Sounds like more gloom but this record is upbeat… it’s the dose of mental sunshine you need right now. This is because it’s so positive in how it encourages you to break those toxic bonds. The music bounces along at a jaunty tempo that screams I’m happy so fuck you to the world in general. Lori Foster’s vocal is crisp and shows some lovely pitch hitting. Remember Voice Of The Beehive at their harmonic best, Blondie when Debbie Harry used pop and punk to such caustic but addictive effect? False Company has that blend and balance too. It’s a statement you just want to dance to. It’s a record you really ought to buy. Weekend Recovery have made an album that is just the tonic we need right now.

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Review by Gary Trueman