Review: Alvin Gibbs & the Disobedient Servants – Ghost Train

Alvin Gibbs & The Disobedient Servants – Ghost Train


What do you get if you take half of the U.K. Subs and mix with some of the biggest names in punk royalty? The answer is Ghost Train, the forthcoming single from Alvin Gibb’s solo project, Alvin Gibbs & The Disobedient Servants. Don’t expect this to be a fairground ride though, this train is a wreck waiting to happen taking its inspiration from the state of world politics rather than seaside fun, as well as the human condition. As the lyrics state, ‘We’re all riding on the Ghost Train’. It’s very much a classic sound, similar to early Stranglers and Lords Of The New Church, which is sure to please fans of Alvin’s other work.

The second track on the single, Clumsy Fingers, is a fast-paced affair. Again we see influences from the guest musicians on the single as this one takes on another classic sound, this time from The Ruts and Babylon’s Burning. If these two tracks are indicative of what we can expect to see on the album then you won’t be disappointed, and we can expect a rare moment in punk history. There have been punk collaborations before, but none quite so grand in scale, and with such rich history.

It’s a fantastic piece of music and the only shame is that the physical copies will be limited to just 300 copies. But for those lucky 300 people they get one of the best punk collaborations going which doesn’t just stop at the music. As well Jamie Oliver (U.K. Subs), Brian James (ex-The Damned, Lords Of The New Church), Leigh Heggarty (Ruts DC), and Steve Crittall (The Godfathers), you also get exclusive sleeve art from Gaye Black (ex-The Adverts). What better Halloween gift could you give?


Ghost Train is released on Time & Matter Records on October 31st.
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