Step By Step Guide To All Over Liquid Eyeliner By Alice Bizarre

Step By Step Guide To All Over Liquid Eyeliner

Not confident with eyeliner? Worried about looking like a panda? Then this 6-step guide to all over eyeliner will help you apply liquid liner with confidence to both your upper and lower lids. Best for people who like their eyeliner all over, Goth and grunge types or for those who really don’t know where to start when applying their own liquid liner or feel they need to see how it’s done step for step.

Remember: This is how I personally do my liquid eyeliner. Different methods work for different people but have a go and see if this is right for you. Here I have used a felt tip style liner rather than a brush style (see Image 2.)

You can start by doing your everyday makeup first or foundation base but I’d advice to have a clean face to practice this technique a couple of times first!


Step 1.      

Seeing as we are doing the liner on both bottom and top lids, draw a V where the eyeliner will meet in the corner of your eye.

Step 2.

The ‘flick’ line I have drawn from the bottom lid upwards. To measure the angle, the tip of the flick will be a finger width below the end on your eyebrow (more or less depending how low or steep you want the flick to be).   These are essentially your guide points!

Step 3.

Next draw your eyeliner from inner bottom corner across to the end of the flick.

Option: If you’re not so confident, draw into the middle of your eye line, and join that up from the left corner into the middle.

Step 4.

Here we pull the eyeliner ever so slightly down for the flick line, this is where you want the liner on your lid to join up. If you get this even on each eye, then the rest should follow evenly too.


Step 5.

 Using a very light hand, go from the point you just made across the lid, physically following the shape of you eye. Take your liner off the lid where ever is comfortable. (Here I stopped just before the V we drew earlier).  We now have the base and shape.

Step 6.

Neaten Fill in any blank bits and where the eyeliner may have gotten thinner

Option: Finish off with massacre and pencil eyeliner [Image 6.]


By Alice Bizarre

Alice Bizarre is an SFX make-up artist and film writer, a prop maker and prosthetic sculptor based north of London.Wife of a wolfman and mummy of a baby bat.