Review: Rats From A Sinking Ship – Fight The Future


Rats From A Sinking Ship

Fight The Future – Driveby Shouting Records

Fight The Future is an interesting title for an album that has the future of music at its very heart.  Taking punk and giving it a big dollop of rap is a brave move but one that should really have been done at least as well as this long before now.  Yes there are a few issues such as the slightly thin garage style production but this is a record by an artist that is all about creating something new.  With a little more refinement, and refinement in the right areas, Rats From A Sinking Ship might have to change their name to Masters Of The Waves.  Lyrically astute and with fervent passion what’s really needed now is a larger dose of variation on guitar and a bigger studio sound and this could well be one quartet that will really start to make an impression.  Fight The Future hints at what could be. As it stands this is an impressive and thoughtfully put together album.

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