Review: Lordi – Sexorcism



Sexorcism – AFM

Melodic metal with masks and horror is all very well as a live entity but take away the visuals and you often get left with a group of beards in their underpants.  That is to say strip away the show and the music falls.  Not so with Lordi however as their latest album Sexorcism proves.  This is one act that can hold its head up high when it comes to asking questions about writing and performance.  The 2006  Eurovision winners have built on that surprise success steadily and are now rightly rated as a melodic metal powerhouse.  The thing is when you pop in a cd or stream their music you picture all the theatrical lunacy in your head which is testament to how the band work.  Sexorcism doesn’t really do much new in terms of pushing the Fins forward but it doesn’t have to.  What it does do is bring a great big smile to your face and a feeling that all is well in the world of rock.  That alone makes this album and Lordi something special.

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