Review: You Want Fox – Reverse The Curse


You Want Fox

Reverse The Curse – Inflight Music Distribution

So what do you do if you’re a drummer and a bass player and need to fill out that higher end music traditionally has?  Normally you’d get a guitarist in but that’s not what You Want Fox opted for.  They’ve taken the bass guitar to new levels for a start, using it to set a wide range of tones.  Then the vocals come in at the high end.  The result is something that sounds like L7 meets Voice Of The Beehive.  The grunge heart is courtesy of that wonderful chugging distorted bass and suitably punchy drums.  The near pop vocals are what makes Reverse The Curse so memorable though with Natalie Caulton taking the lead but Colette Elton weighing in with some sweet harmonies.  There’s some well judged variation through the record which keeps the interest levels high.  It also means this is an album you’ll want to buy in full rather than just the odd track which so often happens.  You Want Fox have clearly worked hard on their sound and it’s paid off here.  They are instantly recognisable and have an appeal which will cross over to many different types of music fans.  Reverse The Curse will hit the spot for a lot of people, it could even make You Want Fox a household name.

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