Review: Vulpynes – Vulpynes EP



Vulpynes EP – Headcheck Records

Imagine your ears being hit with a hammer wrapped in velvet.  Not cheap velvet mind you, proper expensive cloth, in regal purple.  That’s the effect Vulpynes have on you when you listen to their self-titled EP.  The hammer is a set of drums and a guitar.  The velvet is Maeve Vulpynes’ deceptively smooth vox.  And combined you have a duo that really don’t need a third band member.  Now the uninformed will be searching for similarities to White Stripes and Royal Blood when they should be thinking more The Smears and Babes In Toyland.  There’s even a hint of Patti Smith in there.  Four tracks don’t often give you much of an indication of just how much mileage a band might have.  For that you really need a full album and a bucket load of gig time.  Vulpynes though sound like they are on a mission and they sound like nothing is going to stop them succeeding.  They’ve come from almost nowhere (sorry Dublin) but are heading somewhere at breakneck speed.  This looks like the start of something big.

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