News: Rob Zombie To Start Shooting “The Devils Rejects” Sequel This Spring?


Late last year, it was confirmed that Rob Zombie will be directing a sequel to The Devils rejects, making it the third and final film in the “1000 Corpses” trilogy.

How, you ask, can there be a sequel after the fiery end to The Devils Rejects 13 years later?

Well the rumoured title reported by BloodyDisgusting will be The Devil’s Rejects 2: Three from Hell which may give you a clue.

There are various factors that support this, the re-release of Captain Spalding t shirts, the open gap in his schedule before the Twins of Evil Tour and BloodyDisgusting have reported on Rob Zombies recent negotiations with distributors Saban films and Lionsgate, whom he worked with on 31.

With shooting possibly starting this spring, nothing has been officially confirmed. Take this as a rumour but an exciting one at that!

By Alice Bizarre