Review: Slasher Hous3: REBOOTED

“Must be a homage to something” 

Mycho Entertainment is back with the final in the Slasher House trilogy, Slasher Hous3: Rebooted and it is wild. Someone is collecting serials killers……

Red wakes up in a mysterious facility and in searching for a way out, kicks the ass out of any henchman that tries to stop her. Sounds simple enough right? This is not just your average low budget slasher horror movie, there are layers, action packed scenes, creepy characters and science fiction themes all brought together in a comic book style.

Whilst you don’t have to see every single film in the Mycho cinematic universe, seeing the previous Slasher House films would help greatly in understanding the back story. Whilst there is enough explanation in the film to know what the hell is going on, you may just miss some wonderful easter eggs, killer cameos and twists (I believe this is the 10th movie of the Mycho universe).

Slasher House 3 plays with the notion of reboots; rather than recreate the first film with a larger budget it is essentially a sequel to the first Slasher House movie released 12 years ago. There are cut aways to new slasher house projects within film, meta jokes, 4th wall conversations and all in all an incredibly quotable film. There is a distinct shift from horror being the focal style to one of a more comic book hero theme, most evident in the main location and use costumes (I will always approve of a film that includes lots of masks).

One thing I have always loved about Mycho Entertainment is their use of lighting and boy did they bright it. This is even more evident in the execution of the contrasting cut away scenes from the project facility and the houses themselves (love me bit of grit and grime).  Each ‘project’ had various classic horror movie nods and themes with new and old characters (American classics, creature horror, creepy circus and the original Mycho house). These guys know how to work with a budget; merging action, horror and sleek sci-fi is so tricky to do and somehow, they manage to do it (cheap wardrobe attachments? watch magic happen). There is a big commitment to the use of practical effects such as the use of weapons, the ‘slasher houses’ themselves and even puppetry.

I’m very pleased to say that the audio issues I’ve felt let down their previous films (one of my pet hates movies) has improved greatly in this one. That said… where is the scream when a girl literally steps on a bear trap? Whilst there are some terrific emotional performances from our leads, some other performances were a little over the line of “fun over the top” and into “rolling my eyes” over the top. With lower budget movies, there are always going to be areas that could be improved. Some are due to costs and some time; I get clean-up is a bitch, but I will forever dislike CGI blood. There are also few narrative points that just needed a little more time to plan and execute and with all those cool designs, what the hell happened to Thorn!? He looked like a mascot from It’s a Knockout!

This is definitely one of the longer independent films I’ve seen and whilst you could probably shorten it by removing one or two henchman fights, that would be the only way you could. So much happens with so many slasher house projects, you don’t want to miss out any of the serial killers featured. In fact, everything in this film has been pushed to the next level. There is consistency with a clear vision of the flow of the narrative, visual story and style.

I don’t want to get into it too much as to not spoil it for you but setting up the opening with a VHS style trailer, you know you’ll be in for a good time. MJ and Anna Dixon have built up this insane universe and brought together a wonderful team that without a doubt played a huge part in its development (not to mention the obvious fun in making it). Camp, cool, self-aware and with a high death count, this is a film that knows what it wants to be; just remember to try and count how many horror movie tropes you can find!

By Alice Bizarre

Mycho Entertainment

Available on DVD and Blu Ray later in 2024

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