Review: Stone Broken – Ain’t Always Easy



Stone Broken

Ain’t Always Easy

(Spinefarm / Universal Music)


It’s been dubbed a New Wave Of Classic Rock (NWOCR) by some and having grown up with the likes of Thunder and Little Angels it’s easy to see why. Stone Broken are just one of numerous new bands hitting the music scene with an old school radio friendly hard rock. And they have something else in common, they do it bloody well. Rich Moss belies his age, with a remarkably mature sounding voice. The album already has two songs on constant radio rotation, with ‘Worth Fighting For’ and ‘Heartbeat Away’, but I can see it won’t be long before the softer ballads ‘Anyone’ and ‘Home’ make it to the airwaves. It’s a great second album full of huge tracks and if you liked their debut you’ll love this as it perfectly complements as a follow up. Look out for them on the festival circuit, you won’t be disappointed.


By Mark Bestford