Review: Schattenmann – Licht An



Licht An – Self Released

This young band from Nuremberg, Germany Shattenmann very much stay true to the Rammstein formula of industrial metal here and rarely stray from it with their debut album ”Licht An”.   Although the album is really well produced it is let down by the obvious hero worship going on. Track after track could very well have been lifted from any Rammstein album or B side.   As it plays on it’s hard to listen to with an open mind because as far as you can hear there really isn’t anything new or that’s pushing the envelope like many of their other contemporaries.   There is plenty of shock for shock sake lyrics (that aren’t in German) like on the track ‘Generation Sex’ but again it falls short and comes off as slightly amateurish and a bit weak.  For a first effort they are definitely headed in the right direction and clearly have a vision for their future but unfortunately this one fails to hit the mark.

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Review by: Mike ‘Trash’ Thomas