Review: False Flag – False Flag EP


False Flag

False Flag EP – Self Released

Taking the very heaviest of hard core punk and mashing it with black metal undertones is something of a gamble.  For India’s False Flag it’s a bit of a triumph.  Yep you read right, India – Pune actually.  It seems the reach of the alternative beat is far more global than you’d imagine.  The really impressive thing here is that this band aren’t playing catch up, they’re leading the way.  Remember the crushing sound Extreme Noise Terror made and the reaction they got?  Well False Flag are a kind of 21st century version and they deserve to be heard.  They’ve taken the anger and speed of hard core punk and given it a very nice coat of deepest darkest black paint.  In three ferocious songs they have announced themselves as very serious players indeed.  The production is a bit muffled here and there even for music that is supposed to sound raw.  But there’s no denying the passion, and the delivery is absolutely nailed to perfection.  It wouldn’t be difficult to see these guys playing alongside bands such as Discharge should they ever travel to the UK or Europe.  The False Flag EP has proved to be anything but a false start.

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