Review: Avatar – Avatar Country



Avatar Country – Another Century

Concept albums usually bomb big time.  The reason for this is that they are a bit like seeing a master painter’s sketches rather than his finished work.  They only really make sense to him.  Avatar though have perfected a way of making their visions and their studio time fuse together in harmony.  The result isn’t perfect but it is perfectly listenable.  Avatar Country sees the Swedish fruit cakes take another giant side step away from what many would have expected but the result has a smooth and silky finish.  The appeal has much to do with the continuity where the flow of songs takes you on a journey without any bumps to knock you off your stride.  Some of the longer tunes would have benefited from a prune but the Avatar signature is unmistakable, even on the instrumental.  Avatar Country deserves a standing ovation for bravery and a round of applause for achievement.

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