Review: Avatar – Dance Devil Dance


Dance Devil Dance

Black Waltz Records

Spoiler alert. Avatar can do no wrong. They could release an absolute banger of an album with high pitched vocals of a man who woke up one morning and knew beyond doubt he was the devil, a doo-wop style song, a catchy little number and a complete screamer with Lzzy Hale, and they would still continue to reign supreme. Which is good really, seeing as this is just what they’ve done in ‘Dance Devil Dance’. ‘The Dirt I’m Buried In’ is Avatar at their most accessible – catchy, melodic and philosophical. So obviously these madmen fill the rest of their ninth studio release with rabid riffing, unholy screeching and unforgiving beats, with the aim of making metal that makes you move. Mission accomplished. Avatar are authentic. If any band was going to spend six weeks deep in the wilderness (again, which is exactly how they made this record) you’d put your hard-earned money on it being these boys. They have a vision and they follow it. ‘Dance Devil Dance’ contains the essence of Avatar, but, as ever, the band move forward and while they nod to previous releases they in no way repeat them. Listeners, you need you keep your wits about you when you play this album. Avatar move easily from friendly harmonies to demanding you put on your hazmat suit, and frankly you do not want to disobey.

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Review by Jo Wright