Review: Glassjaw – Material Control



Material Control – Century Media

It’s been a long time coming, fifteen years to be precise, but post hardcore legends Glassjaw are back and they’re not messing about.  Material Control is a timely reminder of just what this type of music should sound like.  Fierce, raw and direct, you’ll not find an ounce of unnecessary flab anywhere.  While the mix strays a bit on occasion leaving some passages a tad muted this is still a record with real punch.  Lyrically it would be easy to think that this is all about the coming apocalypse but if you listen carefully it becomes clear this is about family relationships, it’s about generations.  Glassjaw are showing their age in the best possible way by staying true to their sound while becoming profoundly mature with their words.  The real clincher here is that old fans will lap this up while new ones will get the right now themes.  We can only hope we don’t have to wait another fifteen years for the next instalment.

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