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Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria – Sumerian records

Eponymous albums are usually reserved for debuts but here serving as the title of Asking Alexandria’s fifth studio outing it’s also fitting.  Marking the start of Danny Worsnop’s second stint as vocalist this is a kind of new beginning or at least a new chapter in the career of the Brit rockers.  There’s been a shift of the gears for the band too and now finally they seem to be realising their full potential.  Everything about this record screams bigger and better.  The songs are anthemic by design, the production is full blown and the whole feel is that of a band making a statement.  This is an Asking Alexandria that will please many but frustrate a few too.  You can’t help but think that they are making a play for Arena status and the danger in that is if they fall short they may end up looking a bit silly to some.  The chances are though this set of songs will break the band into the big time.  They say fortune favours the brave and Danny and the guys have shown real courage with this album.  Let’s hope that bravery pays off because we need new icons as our old ones retire.  On this evidence Asking Alexandria  have the potential to become part of the new elite.

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