Review: Leaves Eyes – Sign Of The Dragonhead


Leaves Eyes

Sign Of The Dragonhead – AFM Records

When Atrocity hooked up with Liv Kristine to form a beauty and the beast symphonic metal band called Leaves Eyes they raised a lot of eyebrows.  A few sharp intakes of breath later this slightly odd marriage proved to be a bit of a winner.  Roll forward nearly a decade and a half and Kristine is gone, replaced by Elina Siirala and a whole lot of legal matters.  It’s not pretty behind the scenes but the music still has the power of Thor’s hammer

Sign Of The Dragonhead isn’t really much of a departure musically but is noteworthy as Siirala’s first studio outing with the band.  Filling Kristine’s shoes is a tough ask but fans won’t be disappointed with how the vocals sound.  It’s not exactly a like for like swap but it’s pretty close in terms of range and power.  Elina Siirala has managed to stamp a bit of her personality into the songs too which is critical as part of the bedding in process.  Leaves Eyes have managed to change a very important cog without throwing a spanner in the works.