Review: Deuce – Invincible



Invincible – Better Noise Records

Pulling away from former band Hollywood Undead has proven tricky for Deuce.  That unmistakable vocal style coupled with the fact that as a founder member of HU he helped to shape them means whatever he does will have elements of his past trying to catch up with him.  Invincible proves that moving on is a long process.  That doesn’t mean it’s a bad album though, far from it in fact.

You can hear in the writing and how songs are structured the divergence that comes with freedom and independence.  That cock sure swagger is tempered with maturity which gives this set of songs more depth than anything previously recorded.  Sure there’s a few juvenile moments but they serve a purpose rather than having the feeling of gratuity.  Fans won’t need convincing that this is a very decent album, the important thing is that it is strong enough to build that fan base.  Deuce it turns out is ace.