Review: King Bison – Snake Head Burial EP


King Bison

Snake Head Burial EP – Self released

Remember Huron? Or Bring The Plague?  Well they were ace so seeing members from those bands in King Bison does rather whet the appetite.  Billed as Southern fried, beer soaked metal ‘n roll is actually a pretty good description.  Being from Plymouth they can’t even be done under the trades description act for the ‘Southern’ part of that little mouthful either.

This teaser EP is a bit of a stomper to be honest.  A pleasing mix of metal and stoner rock that comes at you like an extra from Deliverance who’s been at the white powder.  Imagine Down only re-branded as Up and you’re getting there.  Full on, fierce and blended like Southern Comfort the Snake Head Burial EP is a serious statement of intent.  If they can carry this level of intensity off as a live act then King Bison should be crowned ones to watch in 2018