Review: Death Ingloria – The Wolf Onboard


Death Ingloria

The Wolf Onboard – Self released

Little self released projects always suffer from a lack of money so lack quality, depth, vision and marketing nous right?  Well Death Ingloria prove all of those things wrong so the answer is an emphatic no.  Struggling to make the record you want doesn’t make it inferior, it makes it so much more satisfying and when you pour your heart and soul into something it inevitably is of the highest quality you can achieve.

To release an album of music like The Wolf Onboard is an achievement in itself, to do it as part of a story telling exercise that includes a comic book running parallel is actually mind blowing.  The comic version is stunning too, with illustrations of the highest order.  The vision of combining media is very unusual when it’s done from ground zero such as this.  September Mourning in the US are running with something similar and both they and Death Ingloria are streets ahead of the old fashioned adaptations that we got with bands like Kiss years ago.  New century, new vision, brave new world.

Dealing with the termination of mankind is a pretty big subject but the story (without giving away the plot) is clever and just a little frightening.  The music is a beautiful rendering of rock with hints of metal.  The writing fits the moods within the tale which makes things just that extra bit special.  One of the joys of this album is the vocals.  Haunting, powerful and with a rage and range in perfect harmony it is the human voice at its finest.

So this is a fine record with real quality in all departments, depth and vision.  Death Ingloria have the getting it out there bit covered too.  Clever little comic book flyers at the right events and intelligent self PR work means people will see enough of this band to want to know more.  And they really ought to want to know more.  With music being dragged back by the weight of tradition it’s real visionaries like Death Ingloria that are the future.  Ignore them at your peril.

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