Review: Nothing More – The Stories We Tell Ourselves


Nothing More

The Stories We Tell Ourselves – Eleven Seven Music

Alt rockers Nothing More have taken a little while to find their particular sound and bed down but this their fifth studio album shows that the wait was worth it.  With music becoming more hybridised these days it takes a special blend to jump out from the pack.  Nothing More have that covered by way of a clean clear bridge between rock, metal and indie with the vocals of Jonny Hawkins thrown into sharp relief.  As you might expect it’s hard to pin down anything by way of genre description other than to cite other acts such as Vukovi as being musical siblings.  The Stories We Tell Ourselves has a great balance tempo wise which keeps it sounding fresh.  The production is wonderfully crisp, so much so that it almost becomes an instrument in its self.  Yet again we can see another act throwing their hat in the ring with a set of songs that are a joy to listen to on record and should transfer well into a live setting.  Nothing More have just produced their finest work to date, and by some distance.

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