Festival Make-Up: Tips and Tricks By Alice Bizarre

Festival Make-Up Tips and Tricks!

By Alice Bizarre

With unpredictable weather, sweat, mosh pits and copious amounts of dirt, you don’t want to be worrying about smudges and running make up too! So here is a few tips to help your make up last!

Lip stick

Gloss is not your friend at a festival so try going for matte lipsticks! Using a lip or even eyeliner as a base will help make your lipstick last longer.

2-in-1 products such as blush/lipstick combos can be great space savers too! (I often use eyeshadow pencils as lipsticks)


Using waterproof massacre and eyeliners  will keep those eyes from streaking when the sweat and rain come!

If you are a contact lens wearer or you decide to try a SFX pair, keep your hands clean!! If you dip your fingers in the saline solution before inserting the lens, this helps with any antibacterial residue that may still be on your hands (which can sting like a bitch). The last thing you want at  a festival is an eye infection!


If you are going to use sun cream, try and get hold of clear spray. Quick to absorb and no white streaks!

For foundation wearers, go for a product with SPF protection. A skin primer to start and a setting powder to finish can help make your foundation last longer too. Using fixing mists will also help and some people also swear by a light blast of hair spray (make sure you do this outside your tent)!

Keep hydrated! Dirt and sweat will not be doing your skin any favours this weekend, so when buying baby wipes for cleaning,  grab a pack of wipes specifically for removing make up too. This with help with grease and dust collected that regular wipes may not be able to remove as easily!

Face Paint

If you are going all out this weekend with the corpse/face paint, using neutral setting powders will help keep the white from running and coloured eyeshadows’ to keep any patterns in place (eg. black shadow on black paint, red blush on red paint). Defiantly do this if you are going to use cream or grease face paints!

Apply with a damp brush or sponge (you can use either make up or good quality art brushes) and buffer out with a large dry powder brush. (Cream or grease is the same, just don’t dampen your brush)

If you decide to go down the ‘Glitter tits’ route this weekend, hair spray  is an effective and cheap way to fix it down!


Recommended Products: 

Some products are easier to find then others, so if you’re not sure where to start, here are a few recommendations!

  • Tresemme freeze hold hairspray
  • NYX Professional Makeup Make Up Setting Spray Matte
  • Urban Decay eye primer potion
  • Ben Nye Classic Translucent Face Powder
  • MUA white pencil liner
  • Smiffys FX face paints are good and easy to find but if you have time, try getting hold of Kryolan or Mehron aqua colours!


By Alice Bizarre