Festival Season Make Up – Ghost & Korn Inspired By Alice Bizarre

Festival Season Make up – Ghost & Korn Inspired

Coming to the end of August and the summer festival season, I thought I would share two “band” inspired looks as well as a few tips to help you stay fresh and make-up last out in the fields!

Bloodstock Festival – Ghost Inspired

Fancy a change from your usual look? Try something a little more hard-core with headlines “Ghost” simple, yet iconic look.

You will need:

  • Black and white face paint (if water based, have a cup of water ready)
  • Black pencil and liquid eyeliner
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Setting powder (Neutral set)
  • Make-up and paint brushes
  • Sponges
  1. Start by using a pencil liner to outline where the black is going to go!
  2. Next fill in the white part using a sponge or brush, and then buffer out the lines using a setting powder and brush. It is best to do the white first as you can always neaten it using the black (whereas the other way round can be messy).
  3. Use black face paint to fill in the blanks. Top this off with black powder once dry and neaten using a black liquid liner.
  4. If you would like to do the top lip only, try and use a matte lipstick or liquid eyeliner, that way it won’t rub off onto your bottom lip
  5. The second variation is simply a more skeletal lip. This variation is easy enough; just use a liquid eyeliner to draw or black paint with a thin brush.
  6. The third variation, I have used black eyeshadow and a powder brush (preferably a blush or contour brush) to blend all the solid black shapes, giving a less harsh and more contoured look. I have also used a thinner liner brush to add crack details and lines around the mouth.


Reading Festival – Korn Inspired

Want a look that’s less heavy but still fun? Then why not try this simple festival look inspired by Korns’ guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer! With this look you don’t need to wear foundation (unless it’s something you wear often).

  1. Paint a block of white across your face but outline with white liner first to keep it neat!
  2. Bluffer with the neutral set and powder brush to get rid of streaks.
  3. To get the dark smokey eye look, I used a little black face paint and blended out using black eyeshadow and eyeshadow brush (once the paint had dried a little). Try to blend the edges rather than the whole thing as it can end up a big mess!
  4. For the dots I used black liquid eyeliner and the white face paint. I used the opposite end of the brush to get the white circle but this can be achieved even using cotton buds too.
  5. The lips I just used a simple sharpened eyeliner pencil. Not all eyeliners are good for this but ones advertised as ‘smokey’ are! Otherwise use a pencil to outline your lips and fill in with black lipstick or face paint!
  6. I also did a variation on this look if you are not a fan of dots! All you need is black liquid eyeliner and a very steady hand! If you are not confident doing lines, you can very lightly draw them first using a brush and a little shadow, the white pencil or even lightly with the eyeliner pencil.

By Alice Bizarre