Review: On Trial UK – Look Directly Into The Sun


On Trial UK – Look Directly Into The Sun

Apart from encouraging you to ruin your retinas for life On Trial UK are a pretty fun band with lyrics that may be a bit more mature than they’d like you to think.  Actually their observations on the state of the world today should make you want to think very seriously.  And that’s kind of the point of punk anyway.  Telling it like it is even if people don’t want to hear the truth or get offended .  The music here is frenetic, pretty uncomplicated and hits the spot just as it should.  What isn’t so obvious is that it takes advantage of both production technology and advances in writing technique.  On Trial UK might want you to think they’re all three chord thrash and curling top lips but in fact the music is well written and superbly arranged.  Look directly into the sun and what you’ll see is that the future of punk rock is safe in the hands of bands like this.

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Review by – Gary Trueman