Review: Besserbitch – Pretenders & Liars


Besserbitch – Pretenders & Liars

What do you get when you cross Sweden with punk rock?  The answer if Besserbitch are anything to go by is plenty of melody with a spine of steel.  It’s a funny thing that everyone imagines punk to either be the full English mohawk and zips or a trans Atlantic chirpy poptastic punklite.  Here cleverly avoiding going down the heavy as hell route Besserbitch have found a glorious new path.  You can here the struggle of which way to go, the near hard rock rhythm, the tugging between shouty and pure harmony.  Pretenders And Liars could have ended up becoming a bit of a mess but it doesn’t.  Strong well defined writing sees to that.  This is an album that will appeal to a wide range of music fans because the music is influenced by a wide range of genres.  Sweden might have played it safe with ABBA but here they’ve shown they can produce a band with real attitude and talent fit for the next century.

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Review by – Gary Trueman