Review: Evil Engine – Nullius In Verba


Evil Engine – Nullius In Verba

They’re a scholarly lot over in Chicago.  The title of Evil Engine’s neat five track EP might not prove the point entirely by requesting you don’t take anybody’s word for it in Latin, but it does show punks can be sophisticated.  The real education comes with the music, and a clever cover too.  While opener Ugly Public sits halfway between eighties hair metal and snot rock it still works thanks to Kryssie Ridolfi’s clear cut but angsty vocals.  Elsewhere the band sound a lot more like the sort of thing the UK underground is producing right now rather than just another bunch of chart hopefuls.  A sexist album cover that flips over to prove it is actually the complete opposite and a bunch of songs fit to grace the very biggest stages make this a formidable debut out to make a point.  Evil Engine have laid the foundations, now let’s hope they can build their very own Rome.

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Review by – Gary Trueman