Doyle: “I’ve been working out for forty three straight years.”


He is one of the most recognisable people in alternative music.  As part of the Misfits he became an icon to a generation.  Devolution Magazine’s very own misfit Gary Trueman sat down for a chat with the legendary Doyle.  Topics on the agenda included Fitness on the road, the Monsterman record label and the pros and cons of vegan pizza.

Let’s kick things off by talking about the film Death Ward 13.  How did you get involved with that film?

“My manager was talking to whoever is doing that film, pitching up the idea of having me in it.  I actually know nothing about it.  At the time of the contract I was making a record.  I don’t have the script but we’re doing it.”

You’re playing a character called The Duke.  What do you know about him?

“I don’t know much.  I fit the description I guess”

You’re Vegan.  Was that something that you decided on early in your life or later on?

“In 2013 I became vegetarian and in 2104 I went full Vegan.  My girlfriend Alissa from Arch Enemy really enlightened me about a lot of things about food that made me think oh shit!”

Do you find there are a lot of issues touring the world and being Vegan?  Where are the best places to tour if you’re a Vegan?

“Frankfurt is awesome.  Montreal is awesome.  California is awesome.  When you get to the mid west they intravenously inject ham and cheese into you and drink coca cola.  We can buy food and I bring protein bars and protein powders.  There’s a thing called Happy Cow and we go on that and you can find only vegan restaurants or vegetarian with vegan options.  People think the meat eaters are the hunters when you go on the road but actually vegans are the hunters.”

There’s been quite a bit in the news recently about how they’re able to grow chicken in a lab.  This is actual meat but it’s never been alive.  What are your thoughts on that?

“That’s fucked up and it’s gross. I don’t even want to think about that.  That’s like a horror movie.  My god!”

To be honest I think people who actually eat chicken won’t want it either.  So if you and Alissa are going to have a meal together what’s your ideal vegan meal?

“We make Seitan which is a wheat gluten super high in protein.  We bake it.”

Is there any vegan food that either you or Alissa don’t like?

“I’ve never tried anything she gave me that I didn’t like.  I like everything.  She doesn’t like pizza which blows my mind, or bananas – like why?”

Alissa doesn’t like pizza?  Irrespective of the topping?

“Yeah, she’ll eat it at a pinch, you know on the road that’s all there is but she doesn’t want pizza….or bananas.  That’s like a staple.

We’re actually separated age wise by just six days.  You’re six days older than me but you’re in really great shape and me maybe not so much.  You pay a lot of attention to your fitness.  So what parts of your home fitness regime do you take with you on the road?

“We’re sponsored by a company called PowerBlock Dumbells and they send us dumbells.  We have a set in the UK and multiple sets here.  My band and Arch Enemy have tons of stuff.  We have a pull up bar but we can never find a door to put it in.  I use dumbells, that’s all I really use.  I don’t bench press with a bar.  I can adjust the dumbells to go from around 8kg up to about 45kg.”

Do you find people around you get interested in it because you’re doing it?

“Sometimes yeah, sometimes everybody is like I’m going to work out with you this tour or next tour.  Then after a week they’re like I’m not doing it.  I’ve given PowerBlocks to people.  Some bands see them and are like wow where did you get these?  They get excited, I think I inspire a lot of people to work out.  I get a lot of messages on social media about it.”

Do you find people sometimes forget how long you’ve been going and think you’re a lot younger?

“Yeah it’s awesome haha.  I’ve been working out for forty three straight years.”

Your music label Monsterman which you put your own record out on is now well recognised because of that.  Have you got any plans to expand the label?

“We did, we merged with EMP which is owned by Dave Ellefson from Megadeth.  They did the new record As I Die.  We’re also going to sign bands to Monsterman which is also now the EMP label because of the merger.”


You previously worked with Argyle Goolsby at Gorgeous  Frankenstein, what was he like to work with?

“He’s a funny man, we had fun times with him.  I never really wrote anything with him.  We wanted him to play bass, he said he was a better singer than Alex (Story).”

Doyle is your band.  Because of this do you find you have the ultimate way now to express yourself musically?

“It’s just a band.  I don’t write everything, me and Alex write everything.  Me Alex and the drummer come up with stuff.”

What’s the one thing you would love to see in your lifetime?

“The whole world going vegan.  It’s the only thing that’s going to save us.”

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Interview by – Gary Trueman