Review: Overdrivers – Rockin ‘Hell


Overdrivers – Rockin ‘Hell


I want to start this review by saying that I receive hundreds of demos, albums, eps through email or physical hard copies every year or I am lucky (or in some cases unlucky) enough to catch live support sets at venues around the country of bands who have coined the rock ‘n’ roll terminology to describe their music. Very very rarely do I actually hear something that’s penned as just this and by the end of that album whole heartedly agree that yes – dear god – these guys don’t only play Rock ‘N’ Roll but are the actual embodiment of it! Four young passionate guns from France have grouped together to create a collective outfit that would have had even Angus Young tipping his cap! The energy that this crew has is astonishing, the songs are radio friendly yet arena worthy sounding in some cases, adaptable infectious slabs of succulent morsels to be devoured, danced to, headbanged to and generally enjoyed with every ounce of your being. It’s fun, it’s stupid, it’s kinda hot and it’s a fucking good time enveloped perfectly into just 32 minutes. So then the question begs – do they sound like this live? Well – I can also happily verify that yes they absolutely rock like fuck and have a whirlwind of a stage presence to match their justified yet modest egos. Talented to their denim clad core these guys are accessible and entertaining and should be on everyone’s radar! Songs like ‘Rockin’Hell’, ‘Girls Gone Wild’ and ‘Rock Your Life’ will have you guys air guitaring uncontrollably or ladies grinding your hips within minutes – Adrien Desquirez, Anthony Clay, Sebastien Lorquet and Florian Morgano – I salute you!

Reviewed By Nickie Hobbs