Review: Lodestar – Zonen


Zonen – Self Released

After a marathon hiatus of around a quarter of a century Lodestar are back, and this time they’re channelling early doom rock. Of course that doesn’t mean immediate links to a certain Brummie band simply because here the mood is a little lighter, and the groove is a tad bolder. A case of you can take the band members out of Senser but you can’t take Senser out of the band members. This is also an explorative affair too, with expansive dynamics and inventive arrangements. ‘Zonen’ is a record that will have musicians nodding in approval while also keeping ardent fans happy. You can feel that the music had been bursting to get out for some time in the way the punch it possesses is emphasised. It’s a high quality piece of work throughout. Let’s just hope Lodestar are back for a lengthy run this time around.

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Review by Gary Trueman