Review: Bob Vylan – Humble As The Sun

Bob Vylan

Humble As The Sun – Ghost Theatre

Punk hop revolutionaries Bob Vylan have taken a huge stride forward with this latest album. While the title track opener is a mellow intro the rhetoric and subsequent songs hit hard. The silky smooth delivery and beautifully emphasised lyrics that mark this fine act out as special feature heavily once again. Clever tempo changes keep you on your toes as lightness turns to darker tones and back again as a part of the story telling. There’s a continuous flow throughout that binds this work together like chapters in a book. ‘Big Dream’ comes across as an earthy urban club hit in waiting. Latest single ‘Make Me Violent’ meanwhile is perfect for radio with its big chorus. Humble As The Sun is a little less angry than previous work, it’s a calmer take on still serious subjects, and it is all the better for it. It’s a truly DIY record that points to Bob Vylan being around for a long time.

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Review by Gary Trueman