Review: Leaves’ Eyes – Myths Of Fate

Leaves’ Eyes

Myths of Fate – AFM Records

In celebration of their 20th year, symphonic metal heavy weights Leaves’ Eyes return with their ninth studio album. Their fantastical flair of creativity which melds their world of legends and mythology through their music and lyricism still shines as bright as ever. Vocalists Alex Krill and Elina Siirala poetically work in Harmony and juxtapose alongside an incredible array of instrumentals and talent to produce a grand and atmospheric release. To coincide the album they have produced five music videos for fans to sink their teeth into further for an even greater experience. What stands out on each track is how the use of instruments mirrors the subject and feeling of each song be it the crashing of waves, the twinkling of stars or just the pure raw energy they wish to convey within the fantastical topics of God’s, warriors and beasts. On ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ the vocals are hauntingly beautiful and at times sound like a voice being carried through the wind. ‘Hammer Of The Gods’ starts suspenseful and somewhat eerie with the help of Lea-Sophie Fischer on the fiddle. It also displays perfectly angelic and dark vocals working together. ‘Fear The Serpent’ opens with a gentle strumming of guitar and has an earthy folkey vibe. The album has many captivating and cinematic tracks. One of our favourites ‘Goddess of The Night’ is sometimes delicate in sound but always enchanting and you can imagine the backdrop of a magical forest. Their undeniable talent to tell a story through not only words but sound contributes to what puts Leaves’ Eyes into a league of their own. 

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Review by Aggy Gillon