Review: KMFDM – Let Go


Let Go – Metropolis

KMFDM have always been a bit of an enigma. They looked set for superstardom but then hit the doldrums for a little while. Now though they’re back to their best with this latest release. Let Go sees the band move in a cleaner more pop oriented direction, but they never lose that edge that gained them huge support in the past. This isn’t a retro record either, a path already well worn. This is more of an exploration of new avenues that are presenting themselves to those embracing the new. Much on offer is mid-tempo rather than hard and fast, so this is less for clubs and more for personal listening; a reflection maybe of not only a maturing of the writing but also an acknowledgement where the fan base are now too. Lucia Cifarelli still seduces with her voice in a way most can’t while the little nuances that set KMFDM apart originally are once again fully on show. The clinical production adds to the feeling of newness. This record sounds shiny and bright. It’s also the best they’ve put out for over a decade.

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Review by Gary Trueman