Review: Yur Mum – Duality

Yur Mum

Duality – Self released

There’s a unique sound to Yur Mum built around the duo’s lack of a six stringer. Not that this is anything other than a positive with the music packing plenty of low down punch. Providing balance is the careful writing and powerful vocals. ‘Duality’ gets the hammer down early and never really lets up. It’s full of big hooks and head banging groove. This is proper heavy rock with a large helping of punk and grunge in the mix too. The production leans pretty heavily towards the classic garage you find with bands such as Mudhoney. So what you hear on a recording will be close to what you’ll get at a show. It’s raw and full of that sweaty energy so often missing from albums. Already well established on the UK underground scene ‘Duality’ has more than enough to see Yur Mum spread their wings further.

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Review by Gary Trueman