Review: Cathubodua – Interbellum


Interbellum – Massacre Records

The power house of Symphonic Metal Hailing from Belgium that is Cathubodua have released their second album ‘Interbellum’ that brings influences from Folk and Heavy Metal bringing a wider appeal for those wishing to dip their toes into the genre. With the use of an array of instruments and Sara Vanderheyden’s vocals which boast orchestral capabilities they tell a tale of “the creation and destruction of a war goddess”. Cathubodua is the name of a Gaulish battle goddess so of course the lyrical theme and instrumental stylings are fitting

‘Effigy of Aftermath’ opens with chanting, slick guitars and Vanderheyden keeping your attention not only with her impressive vocals but with the story she expertly tells through her delivery of the lyrics. The drums really help to create an atmospheric sound and images in your mind of riding into battle. ‘Foretelling’ slows the pace and opens with an acoustic guitar and this is where you really feel the Folk Metal influences come in. Violins and flutes are used and it feels as though it would be the perfect soundtrack in a tavern lit by oil lamp. Once the vocals kick in it creates a high energy song which is perfect after a dark opening. ‘Will Unbroken’ has all the hall marks of the perfect Symphonic Metal track and the use of violins is the cherry on the cake. There’s brilliant use of piano in ‘Amidst the Gods’ alongside Vanderheyden’s operatic vocals. ‘The Mirror’ is hauntingly beautiful and melancholic. ‘Goddess Fallacy’ brings it to a close and is a stand out track which really showcases what this band can really do. Each aspect of the song feels powerful and passionate.

Interbellum has been created and produced beautifully. Each twist and turn of the lyrics and instrumentals sound seamless and are executed to perfection. Symphonic Metal fans will love this album but it is also more widely accessible giving the layers and different influences in each track. Cathubodua have created a sound that fits well within their genre but also is distinct to themselves. They can only go up from here.

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Review by Aggy Gillon