Review: Ashen Reach – The Fear EP

Ashen Reach

The Fear (EP) – Self Released

Home of The Beatles and OMD, Liverpool might not be your first thought when thinking modern metal. Well, it’s time to put any preconceived ideas aside because Ashen Reach are here to give the City a new narrative. After releasing their critically-acclaimed debt album (Homecoming) in 2020, and charming fans at festivals such Steelhouse and Winterstorm, Ashen Reach are primed to take it to the next level and their latest EP The Fear is certain to get them there. The first thing to note about opening track ‘Ghosts’ is how confident the band sound and they rock with an assurance that only comes from a group who know they’re onto a good thing. With wise heads on young shoulders they produce soundscapes that are vast panoramas and dwarf the listener with their monolithic brilliance. At once heavy and emotive, groove laden and melodic, Ashen Reach’s self-belief allows them to throw some progressive guitars into ‘The Dark’, which adds extra flavour to an already spicy sound. In fact, The Fear has the kind of invention only heard on Queensrÿche albums, and that means this EP will continue to reveal its delights spin after spin. Welcome to the future.

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Review by Peter Dennis