Review: Cherym – Take It Or Leave It


Take It Or Leave It – Alcopop Records

Taking all those lovely bright moods from the early pop punk days when Green Day and Blink 182 were first hitting the scene and making them fit for purpose in more progressive times are Derry three piece Cherym. The trio sing about equality and being binary with a bright enthusiasm that’s a stark contrast to other artists. You can hear a little bit of the Pixies in ‘Take It Or Leave It’ and big nods to Bikini Kill and PUP too, more in the mood than anything. This is a sing along album that will transfer in its entirety to a live environment just so well. There are some lovely anthemic moments too such as the well crafted ‘Binary Star’ which shows the band aren’t frightened to push their personal musical envelope. Cherym have been making a name for themselves on the underground scene for a while now, ‘Take It Or Leave It’ deserves to be their big break out record.

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Review by Gary Trueman